Since the early nineties, Nathan Roy has been promoting entertainment for the people of Central Arkansas.   His primary goal has always been to work with national and local artists to guide and help develop a better stage performance.   In 1990 he began his internship for club promoter Bennie Turner of Juanita’s.  Nathan has helped promote acts at Juanita’s such as:  Quiet Riot, Itals, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Rev. Gerald Thompson and many more.  During Nathan’s internship, Juanita’s was known to be the number one regional venue for national and regional recording artists in the State of Arkansas.  In 1992 Nathan Roy left Juanita’s to begin working as an independent promoter.  He created Cross Mix Production in 1993 and started promoting talent shows around the greater Little Rock area.  To avoid industry confusion, Cross Mix productions became Cross Mix Entertainment in 1996.  Nathan has since promoted many events which included acts such as national recording artists H-Town, Betty Wright and J. Blackfoot to name a few.  Nathan continues to work on new and innovative ways to bring artists and fans together and give back to the community by donating a percentage of the event proceeds to local non-profits.


Career Highlights


1993-1998 Rhythm &Blues Amateur Show

1996 H-Town, State House Convention Center

1996 Cross Jam 96

1999 Gospel Show at Dunbar

2000 Jazz in the Park

2001 Northshore Explosion 2001

2001 1st Annual Pre-Labor Day Blues Festival

2002 “Who Can You Trust” play by Michael Matthew

2003 Northshore Explosion 2003

2006 Pioneer of Funk


Local Artists

 Michael Eubanks, Ramona & the Soul Rhythm, Jeron,

 Afrodisia, Kurt Watson and Nicki Parish


National Artist

Funk:  Zapp, Midnight Star, Con Funk Shun          

Gospel:  The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Rev. Steven Womack and Group

 Rock:  Quiet Riot, Hazy Nation, the Skeleton, the Gunbunnies

 Reggae:  Itals, Sister Carol, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin

 Blues:  Peggy Scott Adams, Sir Charles, Vernon Garrett, TK Soul, Kenne Wayne

 Pat Brown, Marvin Sease, Willie Clayton, Wilson Meadows, Stan Mosbley The Love Doctor            

R&B:  Bobby Womack, Betty Wright, J. Blackfoot and H-Town            

Rap:  Kurtis Blow and Juvenile


Theatrical Production:

 “Who Can You Trust” by Michael Matthews

 Cast Members:  Melba Moore, Bernadette Stanis, Hawthorn James, Bobby Law, Ralph Tresvant, Mark Middleton, Kene Holiday, the Family from Kirk Franklin and  Brent Carter